The First of Many

I’ve decided to start a blog. It’s definitely a first for me, but I want to be able to keep family and friends updated in a more accessible manner. I’m a freshmen in college so it’s hard to keep in touch with everyone that I’d like, so I figured “why not start a blog?” So here we are!

It’s 2014.  A year full of new “firsts” for me. First time having an actual job, first time taking over 14 hours of classes, and my first time making a budget for myself. (Which by the way, if you’re a college student, making a budget is extremely beneficial. 10/10 would recommend) My life is going to be extremely hectic this semester with school, work, Sigma (my sorority), and still being involved in Grace Presbytery as well as my home church in Garland. So here’s to a year of firsts and of the many adventures that are headed my way!




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