I Want To Know What Love Is

            Happy Belated Valentine’s Day to everyone! I’m writing a day later than expected because I spent yesterday pampering myself.

            As a social norm, Valentine’s Day is for lovers. It’s for couples, for people in love. And I find that fantastic. A whole day to celebrate who we love! In fact, the history of Valentine’s Day is quite intriguing. There are numerous different accounts on how it started; a fertility festival, St. Valentine defying the law by marrying young men and their wives, etc. So I’ll let y’all read up on it. The day is full of flowers, cards, chocolate, and romance. Being that I’m a single girl in college, I had nobody to celebrate with. So, I celebrated loving myself. I mean why not? I ordered pizza, made sweet tea, sat in my pajamas all evening, and watched every episode of Band of Brothers (which is my favorite).

Valentine’s Day is not just about couples, it’s about love in general. Not only should we celebrate with those who love us in a romantic manner, but also those who love us in an Agape manner. Agape is Greek for love, and is used in the bible to describe unconditional love. We get this love from our parents, and our Heavenly father. There are a number of girls my age, or close to, that are so upset on Valentine’s Day because they aren’t in a relationship. They’re bitter and I can understand why. Everyone wants that special someone. Everyone wants to be loved, but most of us have people that love us anyways, be it parents, siblings, friends, family, the list goes on. I personally know that every Valentine’s Day (or close to it) I would go to the daddy-daughter sweetheart dance with my dad. It was a huge occasion that I always looked forward to. I would get a new dress, my mom would do my hair real nice and fancy, and my dad and I would go to a nice restaurant for dinner, and then to the dance.     


But alas, those were the days when boys still had cooties and I would complain about my mom curling my hair, and making me wear dresses.

            So, if Valentine’s Day is all about love, why not celebrate loving yourself? I think it’s a very important aspect in life that a lot of girls and even women struggle with. We see the women of the media and think “oh I’m not pretty enough” or “I’m not skinny enough”. Yet, we are who we are for a reason. “For it was you who formed my inward parts; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” Psalm 139

YOU ARE LOVED. I cannot even begin to tell you how much you are loved, because it is a lot. So love yourself! Celebrate you! And not just on one day out of the year, celebrate and love yourself every day! I know there are days when it seems like the worlds out to get you, days when it seems impossible, but know that you are loved. And for all those singles out there, know that there will come a time when that special someone is going to burst into your life and change everything. Don’t lose hope, and don’t forget you are loved!



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