Spring Break 2014

Unlike most college students, I stayed home for spring break. Not only did I stay home, I decided that painting our hallway would be a fantastic idea. I can honestly say, it was not my brightest idea. However, my mom was happy about it so whatever. I got to spend a couple days with Kelsey (AKA: Sissy) and had a blast. We went shopping, played with the cutest puppies at the animal shelter, and had a sister night full of all things girly; nail painting, movie watching, and junk food eating. I also got to see my aunt and have some really great chats with her. 

Throughout the week I also got to spend some time with my old hoodrat clan; Ryan, Chas, Payton, and my brothers. Bowling, movie watching, and good food with old friends is always nice.

While I did have a great spring break, I do plan on going camping or something next spring break. A girl can only stay home for so long.

In unrelated news, I am stoked for this summer. In May, I’m going to 2 concerts, and possibly going on a roadtrip with some friends. June-August I will be working at one of my absolutely favorite places; Camp Gilmont, and going to the 221st General Assembly in Detroit! 


Stay blessed!



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