Love’s not dead.

Love’s not dead.

“Cherish this ’cause when it doesn’t last you’ll wish it had.” 

Last night I saw The Mowglis and The Misterwives. Let me just say that it tied for best concert with Of Monsters and Men which is one of my absolute favorite bands. So you could say it was pretty great. Most of The Mowglis songs are about love, which isn’t unusual for bands, but they said something last night that really stuck out to me. “We believe that love isn’t dead, and it can change the world.” And I have to say that I completely agree with them. I would just like to point out that The Mowglis are the modern version of Hippies; Hipsters, but who cares. Their thoughts about love are great, and I really love their music. I realized last night that I don’t really cherish the memories I’m making, nor do I take risks and that needs to change. I yearn for adventure, for spontaneousness. So, I’m making a vow to do spontaneous things, and live like it’s my last day on Earth. Otherwise, what am I going to tell my children (if and when I have them…YEARS from now)?

Here’s one of their slower songs “Carry Your Will” and I just love it. You should definitely check out their album if you’re into indie/really good music. Also, you are all beautiful people. Stay lovely, and rock on.





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