Something my 15 year old self once questioned.

What if?

What if?

The thunder rolls in the angry sky, and I wonder “What if there was to be a tornado?” But what if it were merely a mirage? In class the teacher is speaking about the current state of our government and I can’t help but wonder what if we lived in a communist country? I wonder what if we had great presidents again like Wilson, Eisenhower, or The Roosevelt’s.  I wonder what if things were different between us, if we could all live peaceably. What if the cure to cancer is extremely simple but we are such an analytical society that we have overlooked it? What if! Such a bothersome and consuming question! What if the world stopped rotating? What if I’m not who I’m supposed to be? What if reality is simply a dream? What if?

The what if’s of life are never ceasing, never leaving our brain. That tiny question that never leaves, and never really can. As humans we are a curious sort and we question everything. What if this is wrong? Or, what if this is right? SO many questions and yet we hardly ever receive an answer. As someone once said “Curiosity killed the cat”, but it never killed George now did it? 90% of the people reading this aren’t courageous enough to go out and find the answer themselves, so we wait for the “Georges” to go do it for us. The “Georges” are the people that don’t really care what others think, do, or say. They do what they have to and stand up for what they believe in, even if it means going to jail or even death. While the rest of society are the “cat”. We bog ourselves down with the what if questions of everyday lives. We are always worried about whether or not we did the “right thing” or are up to date with society’s view of how we should look, think, and act.

In reading for my english class, I have recently come to notice how all writers are connected. They all have struggles that they may or may not decide to share with society or the world. They all have a deep grasp on things that other may not believe to be true; The Holocaust, The destruction and eradication of Indians, and the almost eradication of the Aboriginal people of Australia. All writers have a wantingness to make a difference in the world be it little or big. Of course, in today’s society we hear about the scandals, deaths, anything and everything going on in our community but you never seem to hear the inside stories of what’s happening in the leagues underneath the sea. That’s how writers are connected. They write about the underground activity; the stories that, until a news reporter from NBC talks about it on national television, goes unnoticed by most of society. As much as writers work to make their stories known, they hardly ever receive credit. It’s a dog eat dog world out there for writers. The minute someone lets their idea be known, someone is already talking with their editor. Writers tend to write about issues close to their hearts or for their beliefs. The news can cover the daily occurrences of death, disaster and common community issues, but writers? They can cover the major issues that hardly anyone hears about; revolutions, sex trafficking, etc. The point I’m trying to get across is quite simple, without writers the hatred, eradication of cultures, and revolutions wouldn’t be known. Sure, people would question “What if”, but they would never receive an answer. Writers; be them young or old, male or female, black, white, yellow, red, blue or purple, are some of the most courageous people in the world. They answer the what if’s in life. They are the troublemakers, and if they aren’t writers when they make trouble, they become authors the minute they get caught.

So I was going through some old word documents I found on my computer, when I came across this. I remember writing this during Freshmen Biology in high school while this huge storm rolled in. It’s crazy how time has gone by, 5 years ago I was just a freshmen at GHS who was excited to finally not be a freshmen anymore. Now, I sit here counting the days until I can finally move out of the dorms and start living in my own space again. Be grateful for everything, I wasn’t all that grateful during high school and didn’t cherish memories like I should have. Time flies, so make the most of it and stop questioning the “What if’s” in your life. Be bold, do things you normally wouldn’t, and keep those memories close to your heart. Those memories are typically the ones that change your life.





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