Turning a Page.

As April comes to an end, so is my freshmen year of college. So much has happened this past year: I joined a sorority, I met some of my best friends, I have a family of girls that supports and loves me, I stepped out of my comfort zone, I got my nose pierced one semester and took it out for good the next because I’m a responsible adult and have a job now, I’ve learned things about myself that I never would have expected, and I have made some pretty amazing memories. I have been so blessed this year with all the opportuniities I’ve had be it with Sigma or in my home church. A huge shoutout to everyone who has supported me from near or afar, I love you all! This summer will definitely be one for the books. I’m working at one of my favorite places on earth; Camp Gilmont, I’m representing the young adults in Grace Presbytery at General Assembly for a week in Detroit, I’m moving into a house, and I’m doing so many things with my sweet sisters. Its time to turn the page and see what God has in store for me next year! God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good!






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