Day Zero

Today was my first full day in Detroit for the 221st General Assembly. Despite having a delayed flight yesterday, being in a new city, getting lost in this mammoth of a hotel I’m staying at, and not getting there until around 10:30, I’m absolutely thrilled to see where God leads the commissioners and advisory delegates over the next week. 

The YAAD’s or; Young Adult Advisory Delegates, have spent the entire day in an orientation in order to learn how everything from committee meetings to plenary are going to work. This morning we opened with worship and got to hear a little from the 220th moderator. He talked to us about the church and my favorite quote from this morning was “We don’t need to just tolerate differences, we need to dignify differences.” He compared it to dining. He said that dining was just tolerating, and was when we just were polite to each other and tolerant of differences, and that feasting was when we really got to know each other on a deep level where we dignified differences and that was what the church needs to do.

I am in a homegroup with other YAAD’s from my committee as well as others from 3 other committees, and am so glad that we will have time each night to debrief and let loose after a hard days work. The YAAD advisors are all wonderful people as well, and are very instrumental in helping us learn everything we need to know about General Assembly and our roles as YAAD’s.

I will be posting an update here each night for those who wanted to know what is going on. I will also be live-tweeting for those who are on twitter! 



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