Day One.

The official first day of the 221st General Assembly was today. We started out in worship with a wonderful prelude by a bagpipe band (typical Presbyterian right?), followed by a fantastic sermon from the 220th GA Moderator; Neal Presa. We then went through somewhat of an orientation which included this fantastic video: I would advise you watch it because 1) it’s hilarious, and 2) it’s to the tune of “One Day More” from Les Mis. I walked around the exhibit hall this morning before plenary started and got a whole bunch of free stuff that was not limited to: pens, buttons, a special green copy of the new Glory to God hymnal, notepads, a USB drive, and quite a bit more fun stuff. 

So to give you an overview of how my day went, I was in plenary for all but 2 hours today. They gave us Lego’s to play with this morning, which, for someone who has to be doing something with her hands in order to pay attention, was very lovely. In order to stay awake I had approximately 6 large cups of coffee. Tonight we elected a new moderator; Heath Rada, who I think will be a great moderator. I must give my sincerest congratulations to all the candidates though as they were all very similar in thinking, as well as where they stood on some important issues. The “theme” so to say, of this General Assembly is “Abound in Hope”. So, where do YOU see hope? What gives YOU hope? I can tell you, that the cross, laughter, and progress are just a couple of the things that give me hope. What doesn’t give me hope is the way the technology kept glitching tonight, but that is just a personal comment.

A few things about Detroit: there’s almost zero traffic in downtown, and it is freaking me out a bit. I’m definitely not used to that. The People Mover (for us North Texans it’s basically the DART train) goes in a giant circle and is above ground on overpass type things. I can see Canada from my hotel, and Canada is actually to the south of where I am. And lastly, I’m assuming the air is different up here, or something because I woke up this morning with a nosebleed and I don’t think I’ve gotten a nosebleed since I boxed in middle school/early high school.

It’s going to be a very long week, however it will be very productive and beneficial to the life of the Presbyterian Church. If you are a Presby dork or someone who is just merely interested in what’s going on, here is the live streaming link!

And you can follow along on twitter as well with the #GA221 hashtag.

Peace to you all!


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