Day Two.

We started off yesterday in worship, followed by plenary. If you know me, you know that I have to be doing something with my hands in order to focus. So naturally, when they gave us Lego’s I proceeded to make numerous different things out of said Lego’s not limited to: a Texas flag, a tower, and a house. I think for plenary on Wednesday I’m going to bring coloring books.

In plenary, we took a poll vote as to whether or not Executive commissioners should be allowed an advisory vote. So that will be on the table Wednesday. 

Our first committee meeting was last night and we were advised to read not only all our overtures that will be discussed today, but also a 34 page report on Women’s Advocacy. I didn’t mind, but considering we got out of our YAAD meeting around 12:30, I wasn’t all too thrilled to stay up later. Indeed, I stayed up and did my reading until around 2:30 am and was awake by 6am for the worship service and breakfast that I was supposed to attend. All I can say about today is that it will definitely be a long day full of cold rooms, arguments, and progress. And for progress, I am especially thankful.


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