Day Three.

Yesterday finished up around 11:30 for me, so it was a long day. 

We started off our morning at worship and breakfast at 7 a.m. which I followed afterwards with a nice walk by the river. It was nice to see sunlight and soak up some vitamin D before sitting in a cold, windowless room all day. Our first committee meeting was full of information, debate, and high tensions. So, as soon as lunch came around all the YAAD’s in the group were ready to get out of the room and head out into the city to find food. I went out with a couple of the YAAD’s from my committee, and we ended up eating in this tiny pita place. All I can say, is that it was delicious.

Back to committee meetings we went! Feeling more refreshed, we walked in with a good attitude and abounding in hope. The good attitude digressed fairly quickly as there were numerous people who repeated their stance on the motions and amendments. Phones went off playing the imperial march in the middle of discussion, commissioners were beginning to doze off, and tensions ran high. It was a very long afternoon. I believe we were all ready when the break for dinner came around.

One of my sorority sisters recommended a restaurant; Pegasus, that myself and quite a few YAAD’s went to. Best Greek food ever. It was a nice break full of laughter, learning new energizers, and rest, before a long night. We marched on, back onto the battlefield. The night began with debates on finances and diversity. With arguments flying across the room, and people who were dead dog tired (such as myself), the abounding hope we had walked into the room with, was slowly digressing. Towards 10 o’clock the moderator finally called the meeting and we were free at last. As I was walking out, I ran into my little sister; Emily Williams, and her family! It was such a good thing to see after a protracted day of arguments and discussions. Because I am a rebel, I skipped our nightly YAAD meeting to take a shower, read up on our overtures for the today, and get some sleep. I remember reading the first section of one of our overtures. After that I must have fallen asleep. 

Overall the day, while long and irritating at points, was very productive. I think for future recommendation, I will always bring layers to put on for the coldness of the room, snacks to keep me awake, and money for coffee.

To all you commissioners, advisory delegates, observers, and anyone else who is here at General Assembly: We are 1/3 of the way done with the week, and God will give us the strength to continue. Keep a positive attitude and most importantly, take care of yourself. 



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