Day Five?

Sleep-deprived, coffee running through my veins, and sitting in the plenary hall. It’s almost 9 am here in Detroit and although I could have blogged yesterday, I made myself go to sleep. So here’s where we are at General Assembly.

The Belhar Confession has been approved almost unanimously to be inserted into the Book of Confessions! It will now be sent to presbyteries to vote on and must receive a 2/3 majority.

I did not fall asleep during plenary, but I saw quite a few people who did. I did however spend most of the time on Twitter or Pinterest in order to pay attention. All I can say, is that I could renovate a house now! I walked back to the hotel after the last plenary finished, and although it was raining it was a nice break from sitting in the windowless, cold, room.

Today we will be discussing marriage, and some other large items that will draw a lot of attention. I’m very hopeful for the motion and pray that the PC(USA) is ready for change.

Until tonight! (Maybe)



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