Dear parents, guardians, babysitters, older siblings, and relatives:

I am not a babysitter. I am a server. This is not a place to drop your kids off for a few hours so you can go do whatever. This is a restaurant. Now, I can understand if it’s your childs birthday and they want to eat here. FANTASTIC. I think that’s great! We would love to help them celebrate their special day! However, when you drop your children off, please make sure they have manners. I am here to make money to pay for school, gas, etc, and when your child decides it’s a grand idea to leave without paying while I am running food to a table, cleaning off another, and trying to take someone elses order, it’s infuriating. It’s also quite infuriating when said children are extremely picky about their food, indecisive, and then decide to switch to a different table because they “like this one better”.

Please. PLEASE, teach your children to be responsible, or come in and pay for them.


An infuriated server


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