21 Unconventional Qualities That Can Make Any Girl Swoon

Thought Catalog


1. Communicate over more than just a text message.

Text messages and communicating over social media can be so easily misconstrued and seen as impersonal. Set yourself apart from other guys and actually call her when you want to make plans or catch up with her to see how her day was.

2. Take the time to get to know her family.

Meeting the parents or extended family can always be a bit awkward but once the initial meet and greet is over showing interest in her family and loved ones is crucial to building a lasting relationship with her. Bonus points if you can win over the younger siblings.

3. Share important moments from your childhood.

Let her know about the 3rd grade bully that terrorized you all year, the word you just couldn’t get right at the 5th grade spelling bee, or all the trophies you scored…

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