Why Thanksgiving Is The Unappreciated Middle Child Of Holidays

Thought Catalog

Kate Mereand-SinhaKate Mereand-Sinha

The weather is getting colder, department stores have put away the Halloween decorations, and the red cups at Starbucks have made their appearance — November has begun.

Early November is a strange time of year. It’s not yet Thanksgiving, not yet winter, and not yet the holiday season.

However, for some strange reason, every department store is already decorated for Christmas. New York streets are already strung up with lights; Christmas carols have made their way on the radio, and holiday commercials will undoubtedly be playing no matter what channel you flip to.

Society makes the mistake of skipping straight from Halloween to Christmas without the recognition of Thanksgiving. Autumn’s pumpkin spice lattes are swapped for holiday-happy peppermint hot chocolate, and graveyard decorations trade places with enormous inflatable Santa Clauses.

Thanksgiving has always gotten the shorter part of the wishbone. Due to a misfortunate placement we can only blame…

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