Everyone Needs A “Mom” Friend

Unfortunately I am the mom friend.

Thought Catalog


We all need moms. Even if you lived with your Grandma or some other relative, you had a woman in your life that filled the maternal category. She might not have been your biological mother, but she nurtured you and cared for you. After eighteen years of having that figure in your life, it’s a hard transition to go off to college and not have that maternal presence in your life anymore. They care for you. They worry about you. They watch out for you. They make you feel safe, even in the worst situations. And they love you in spite of all your flaws.

I missed my mom when I went away to school. I missed having someone in my life constantly caring for me. Maybe this just shows that I am the baby of my family, but whatever. I love to be nurtured—yolo.

For a whole year…

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