Looks Like God’s Real After All, Idiots

Thought Catalog

Well, I’ve been saying it for my entire life (with a brief exception of a few years in my teens where I decided to be an atheist to “test the waters” of sinnery) but now I can triumphantly announce with 100% certainty that God is, without question, for real. He exists, and ironically, it was science that proved it.

As a person that would rather avoid conflict and keep everyone happy, I tend to bite my lip when it comes to religion. Every day I face situations where one of my idiot moron atheist friends will sit there running their stupid mouth off about evolution or the Big Bang theory or gravity or some other dipshit atheist idea, and I have to just smile and nod and remind myself that I’m only friends with them because they’re rich. I don’t argue. I don’t point out the flaws in their logic…

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