11 Realities Of Having A Younger Brother

Thought Catalog

Flickr / Tobias Vemmenby Flickr / Tobias Vemmenby

You love them, you hate them, but most of all, you’re embarrassed to be related to them. Here are 11 realities of having a younger brother.

1. They have no table manners.

Plates become troughs for little brothers who treat fine dining like it’s the last round of the literal Hunger Games. If you have a brother, you’ve doubtlessly been forced to eat in the midst of an armpit being scratched, a nose being picked, or a display of half-chewed chow in an open—but full—mouth. And forget about footsies…little brothers wield unclipped toenails as weapons of mass destruction in below-the-table shin-kicking showdowns.

2. They blame you for anything and everything.

He ate all of the cookies your mom made for book club? Nope, you did. Siblings are the perfect victims for blame placing, and little brothers are the masters of this fraud. The worst part is:…

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