19 Things Only Nocturnal People Understand

100% true. Me to a T

Thought Catalog


1. You couldn’t care less that “the early bird gets the worm,” because worms are actually more active during the nighttime hours, which means buffet for you, and the last, slow worm for early birds.

2. There’s really nothing you hate more than that bright ray of sunshine that streams in through your window and directly at your eyes at 7am.

3. You’ve seen more sunrises that any of your early-rising friends, because you just haven’t gone to bed yet.

4. You know every single squeaky floorboard in your apartment and exactly how to cross the room without stepping on them and waking everybody up.

5. No one quite understands the joy of being the only one awake in the apartment, with nothing but the cool night air and glowing computer screen as your company.

6. Your blood consists entirely of coffee on any days you need to be up…

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