Meet Charles.

This is Charles, actually his name is Chas but because I’ve known him since diapers I’m allowed to call him Charles.

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Charles likes to blow up my phone at random points during the day with quirky thoughts, and good business ventures. Charles wanted to be on my blog every week with these quirky thoughts, so every Wednesday you will get a little glimpse into Charles’ mind.


“In today’s modern society, we should always strive for equal opportunity. Regardless of gender, religion, or sexual orientation, we should all have the same opportunities regarding education and employment. The exception being Girl Scouts. Teaching these young women business skills has done nothing but increase our national debt and create in overweight population as we are drowning in their tantalizing treats. Learn from the Boy Scouts and sell something less addicting, like popcorn no one really wants. I’m all for free enterprise, but at what cost man??!?”

“You can never have too many of the smaller spoons. Butter knives? I use maybe one or two a week. Large spoons? Like once a month. But I run through those small spoons like smallish people (children?) in the plastic fun houses at a local burger stop.” <— I agree with this. My small spoons are always dirty.

“What’s it like to be a fish? Like, do they communicate? Do they have thoughts? Are they jealous of our ears? Only time will tell.”

“The socks don’t wear the man, the man wears the socks. Unless you’re living in an alternate reality in which socks are living beings and humans are no more than a garment to wear underneath shoes.”.



This my friends, has been Weekly Words with Charles. Hopefully it brightens your day a little.


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