Hey God, it’s me Mary

I’m officially a slacker ya’ll. I promised myself I was going to write every week and I have not. I could use the excuse of “well I work a lot, and I’m a full time student” but let’s be real, that’s a lame excuse. I could tell you that I value sleep over writing but let’s be real, up until a couple of weeks ago, I was up late either studying, or playing video games. So really, I don’t have a good excuse other than I didn’t know what to write. Until this week.

I have either been working, studying, in class, or sleeping. That has been my life lately. It’s non-stop. The only time I have to myself is my shower and even those have been cut short lately. I feel like a roadrunner, except I haven’t stopped running since the middle of January. I have put other things before my mental, and physical well-being and guess what? I got bronchitis, sleep deprivation, and have gone a tad bit crazy. I’ve been Grumpy the Dwarf’s twin sister; Grumpier, and I’ve been harsh.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to somewhat slow down. I traveled with a group of  9 other people to Prude Ranch out in good ole West Texas. Fort Davis, TX to be exact. If you’ve never been out there, I highly recommend it. Gorgeous scenery and the best part? NO CELL SERVICE! That’s right, I said that not having cell service was the best part. It mean’t I couldn’t receive calls from any of my jobs, my family, or my friends. Sorry ya’ll but sometimes you don’t realize how much stress is caused just by those people. I spent the entirety of the weekend in fellowship and service with 100 youth in the western part of Texas. We talked all about something that has been reappearing more and more in my life; Loving your neighbor as yourself. Apparently it’s not a hard concept to these kids because they told me all about how they help each other out in the good and the bad. Why can’t everyone be like that?

Anyways, I got to spend the weekend doing something I love; spreading the Gospel and talking about it with youth. If you have never worked with youth, it is an amazing experience. Some of the things those kids said, are things that wouldn’t even cross my mind. Usually, I’m absolutely exhausted after those types of retreats and while I was exhausted, I felt refreshed. I think in today’s society we often forget to slow down, take a deep breath, and enjoy the small things in life. We are constantly going somewhere, doing something, texting, snapchatting, etc. So when do you slow down and allow for spiritual growth and rejuvenation?

Lately, I have been a bit out of touch with the big guy upstairs and my life has been nothing but stress filled and difficult. I know that everyone has a different setting where they like to pray, talk to God or just sit and experience the Holy Spirit. For me, that place is usually outside…and sometimes my shower. I typically like to spend some time outside in my hammock or walking around. It’s my “thin place” or a place where I feel closest to God but between working, going to school, and trying to maintain my physical health, my spiritual health has somewhat been lacking. I am guilty of putting other things ahead of my spiritual health. Sometimes when I’m really upset, or mad, I yell at God in the shower, or I have a very stern conversation with Him. May seem weird, but whatever. We always, always seem to talk or lean on God more when things aren’t going the way we want them to in our lives, when things are hard. We need to have constant communication with Him, whether its a “good morning my dude, please be with ___ and ___ throughout their day, keep us all safe, and I’ll talk to you later. Amen” or a “GOD. THE COOLEST THING HAPPENED TODAY! This and this happened and omg you probably already knew that because you’re all-knowing but I just really wanted to share that and tell you thank you for always being with me, even when I retrograde to my moody teenage years and totally ignore you! Love you! Amen”

It’s something as simple as saying “Hey” or “This happened and it was cool” or “I’m really upset about this, help me get through it”. With a little priority, our spiritual health would be in so much better condition. Well, mine would at least.

So basically, open that line up and make some time for God. He’s the best friend you will always have, and usually has some pretty good advice.

Also, for anyone who has a friend or family member that gets hangry, words of advice: feed the beast. You will thank me later.






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