As both a nanny, and a big sister to a three year old, I hear that word a lot. “NO. I will not go potty.” or “NO. I do not want blueberries with my lunch, I want strawberries!” It’s a fairly common response with children between the ages of 2-6 I feel like. It’s also a common response in teenagers and adults. We are always saying no to something.

No, I do not want change in my life. No, I do not want this to happen. No, I do not want to be an adult yet.

Those are my favorites. Mainly, because I say them a lot, especially that last one.

As we begin our season of Lent, I am challenging you to say yes. I am challenging myself to say yes. Say yes to helping others, say yes to praying more, say yes to doing that thing you said you were going to do but never did. I think Jesus wouldn’t want us to say no, so long as it betters both ourselves and others, do you? In order to be more Christ-like, we need to be able to accept change, to be able to do more for others, and unfortunately for me, to be an adult.

So say yes! Say yes to the gym, say yes to giving up sugar, say yes to change! I’m going to say yes to helping my spirituality grow, and also giving up sugar. What are YOU saying yes to?

Side note: don’t say yes to things that will harm you or others. I think we all know what I’m talking about.


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