Not all who wander are lost.

Hey there pals.

What a year it has been. I’ve lost, I’ve laughed, I’ve changed, and yet so many things remain unchanged. I now live with 3 of my closest guy friends which has been so much fun! It’s like living with my brothers again, only these guys actually know how to be clean! I worked as a server and bartender on lower Greenville Ave. in Dallas and THAT was quite an adventure in and of itself, but I’ll write again later to tell all about my adventures there. And then there’s summer camp. This past summer I had the privilege of being one of the two assistant summer camp directors, and wow. As a counselor, you think they don’t do much but let me tell you kids, they do a lot! From cleaning up puke at 1 a.m. to making sure the youngest kid at camp had a teddy bear to sleep with, there’s a lot the assistant directors do.

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50 Simple Mini-Habits That Actually Help With Anxiety

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Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 7.22.05 PM

As a lifelong anxiety sufferer I know it can be annoying when you’re drowning in worry thoughts and someone who has no idea what anxiety is actually like tells you to just get some sunshine or exercise and “get over it.” If it was that simple, do you think anyone would still have anxiety?

That said, we can ease the severity of our symptoms by picking up habits that promote good mental hygiene. There are relaxing practices we can incorporate into our every day lives that help us feel more centered and less at the mercy of our runaway thoughts. Here are the best ones I’ve found, try them out and see if they are helpful for you.

1. Prioritize sleep. For a long time I prided myself on not “needing” as much sleep as other people, but when I started working evenings and could sleep as long as I…

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19 Things Only Nocturnal People Understand

100% true. Me to a T

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1. You couldn’t care less that “the early bird gets the worm,” because worms are actually more active during the nighttime hours, which means buffet for you, and the last, slow worm for early birds.

2. There’s really nothing you hate more than that bright ray of sunshine that streams in through your window and directly at your eyes at 7am.

3. You’ve seen more sunrises that any of your early-rising friends, because you just haven’t gone to bed yet.

4. You know every single squeaky floorboard in your apartment and exactly how to cross the room without stepping on them and waking everybody up.

5. No one quite understands the joy of being the only one awake in the apartment, with nothing but the cool night air and glowing computer screen as your company.

6. Your blood consists entirely of coffee on any days you need to be up…

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11 Realities Of Having A Younger Brother

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Flickr / Tobias Vemmenby Flickr / Tobias Vemmenby

You love them, you hate them, but most of all, you’re embarrassed to be related to them. Here are 11 realities of having a younger brother.

1. They have no table manners.

Plates become troughs for little brothers who treat fine dining like it’s the last round of the literal Hunger Games. If you have a brother, you’ve doubtlessly been forced to eat in the midst of an armpit being scratched, a nose being picked, or a display of half-chewed chow in an open—but full—mouth. And forget about footsies…little brothers wield unclipped toenails as weapons of mass destruction in below-the-table shin-kicking showdowns.

2. They blame you for anything and everything.

He ate all of the cookies your mom made for book club? Nope, you did. Siblings are the perfect victims for blame placing, and little brothers are the masters of this fraud. The worst part is:…

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Looks Like God’s Real After All, Idiots

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Well, I’ve been saying it for my entire life (with a brief exception of a few years in my teens where I decided to be an atheist to “test the waters” of sinnery) but now I can triumphantly announce with 100% certainty that God is, without question, for real. He exists, and ironically, it was science that proved it.

As a person that would rather avoid conflict and keep everyone happy, I tend to bite my lip when it comes to religion. Every day I face situations where one of my idiot moron atheist friends will sit there running their stupid mouth off about evolution or the Big Bang theory or gravity or some other dipshit atheist idea, and I have to just smile and nod and remind myself that I’m only friends with them because they’re rich. I don’t argue. I don’t point out the flaws in their logic…

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20 Reasons You Should Be A Camp Counselor This Summer

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Wet Hot American SummerWet Hot American Summer

1. You get the chance to form relationships with your campers that will be the most unique and wonderful friendships you could ever possibly have. There is something so incredibly special about that bond, that for me, I still keep in contact with my camper’s years later.

2. There will be nights where you and your cabin will be up to 2 a.m., either giggling about camp crushes, crying together after some serious venting, or dancing around to some Relient K’s “Sadie Hawkins Dance”. They will be some of your greatest memories.

3. Being covered in dirt and sand becomes, believe it or not, an incredibly positive experience. Giving up your inhibitions and embracing the outdoors is not only incredibly fun and freeing, but sets an example for your campers to join in and fully experience summer camp!

4. The camp traditions will always be something…

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Everyone Needs A “Mom” Friend

Unfortunately I am the mom friend.

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We all need moms. Even if you lived with your Grandma or some other relative, you had a woman in your life that filled the maternal category. She might not have been your biological mother, but she nurtured you and cared for you. After eighteen years of having that figure in your life, it’s a hard transition to go off to college and not have that maternal presence in your life anymore. They care for you. They worry about you. They watch out for you. They make you feel safe, even in the worst situations. And they love you in spite of all your flaws.

I missed my mom when I went away to school. I missed having someone in my life constantly caring for me. Maybe this just shows that I am the baby of my family, but whatever. I love to be nurtured—yolo.

For a whole year…

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